Sanitary appliances

Sanitary ware – showers,baths tubs, bidets, wash basins, sinks. Soil and waste appliances.

Sanitary appliance

Sanitary appliances are used for collection and discharge of waste matter and soil.

Two groups of sanitary appliances:

waste appliances

soil appliances ( water closet, urinal ). All sanitary appliances are made of non-absorbent, non-corroding, smooth and easily cleaned material and usually made from ceramic ware, vitreous enameled cast iron, vitreous enameled pressed steel, stainless steel or plastics (thermosetting and thermoplastic).

  • bidet
  • wash basin
  • sink
  • shower

soil appliances

  • water closet
  • urinal

Material used for sanitary appliances

  • ceramic ware
  • stainless steel
  • vitreous enameled cast iron or pressed steel
  • plastics and thermoplastic

Combination of high quality materials and innovative technologies makes sanitary appliances non-coroding, non-absorbent and easy to clean

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